BHOOTHATHANKETTU is a popular tourist destination and scenic dam site with boating facilities situated in the vast virgin forests of Ernakulam district of Kerala. It is located 10 kms from Kothamangalam and 50 kms from the main city of Kochi and 35 kms from the airport. This unexplored eco-destination unveils before you the spectacular views of nature like towering hills, rocks, valleys , forests, migratory birds and wild animals.

Eye -pleasing sceneries, bird watching, adventure trekking, wild life photography, boating are the key attractions that draw tourists here.

On reaching BHOOTHATHANKETTU, the majestic beauty of Periyar flowing amidst thick forests and giant rocks will unfold before your eyes.

The wild life sanctuary including BHOOTHATHANKETTU is also an abode for birds and animals including tiger, leopard, wild bison, deer and bear. Boating is also offered here and during the voyage one can witness THATTEKKAD bird sanctuary also.

This dream destination is adorned with a children's park, watch tower, tree houses, pedal boating etc.

BHOOTHATHANKETTU - A transit point enroute to the High Ranges

BHOOTHATHANKETTU is a perfect pit stop to wash away your frazzle enroute to the mighty high ranges of MUNNAR and THEKKADY.

Why to stop here?

Considered to be the gateway of evergreen Western Ghats BHOOTHATHANKETTU is an excellent base camp to enjoy a forest trail, wild safari, boat rides, fishing and multiple outdoor, indoor games.

The proximity to airport and railway station makes it an ideal place to regain the rhythm during transit.

Travelers enroute to MUNNAR can check in to freshen up, enjoy a snack or meal at restaurants, enjoy outdoor activities and carry on with their journey by a spectacular boat ride through the serene periyar. The journey is a delight for wild life and bird enthusiasts as it passes through the dense SALIM ALI bird sanctuary at THATTEKKAD .

Travelers can alight at INJATHOTTI hanging bridge which is an hour's boat ride or at NERIAMANGALAM which takes two hours and carry on the journey through the same Kochi-Madurai Highway.

The fringe benefit of taking this route is, it is short and the travelers can explore two exotic destinations of BHOOTHATHANKETTU and THATTEKKAD without sparing much time in a freshened up feel and a sense of gratification.


Old Bhoothathankettu

There is a safe natural walk trail through the thick ever green riparian forest from the vicinity of the Dam site leads to the picturesque old BHOOTHATHANKETTU.. ... (Read More)


BHOOTHATHANKETTU Park is a beautifully landscaped garden with kids play area facing BHOOTHATHANKETTU dam. It is full of lush green lawns with well laid out. ... (Read More)

Pedal Boating

Pedal boating in a beautifully located lake in the heart of BHOOTHATHANKETTU is a very enjoyable experience and inevitable part of every visit.         . ... (Read More)

"Welcome to enchanting BHOOTHATHANKETTU and THATTEKKAD "




Boating through periyar is perhaps the best way to explore the wilderness of BHOOTHATHANKETTU and THATTEKKAD in the real sense. Different types of boats from passenger’s capacity of 8 to 80 are available.

Children’s Park

BHOOTHATHANKETTU park is a beautifully landscaped garden with toys and kids play area facing dam. There is a small park for kids, which can serve as a good picnic spot also.Entry fees to the park is very nominal and the rides are free to use and unlimited.

Watch Tower

Atop the watchtower, scenic view of the major forests of BHOOTHATHANKETTU , THATTEKKAD bird sanctuary, the catchment area of the dam and nearby villages are visible.

DTPC Restaurant

This is the DTPC's prestigious restaurant. The restaurant serves variety of dishes made out from river fishes, like puliyila meen curry, paral fry and local dishes of the area like pidi, tapioca etc.