Situated on the lush green banks of the river Periyar, adjoining Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary also known as Thattekad Bird Sanctuary in Kerala,, the Periyar River Lodge is an ideal getaway for nature lovers, bird watchers or just about anyone who needs a break from the humdrum of urban life.

Designed to synchronize with the ethnicity and traditional style of Kerala architecture, this serene retreat, built largely of teak wood, offers spacious guestrooms with a large comfortable lounge as well as sunlit verandahs that present an unhindered view of the river and the forest beyond on the opposite bank. Shown below is the view of the Periyar River in front of the Lodge. As Kerala’s largest and longest river, the Periyar is the state’s source for not just drinking water and hydroelectric power, but an inspiration for many a poet and writer.

The Thattekad or Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, named after the world-renowned ornithologist, the late Dr. Salim Ali (1896-1987), is just over one and a half hours drive from the port city of Cochin(60 Kms). Dr Ali, often called the "Birdman of India," described Thattekad as the “birders paradise” with its teak, mahogany and fruit-bearing trees that are home to nearly 270 species of birds.

Located in the midst of such tranquillity, we at the Periyar River Lodge hope to impart to our guests an unforgettable experience with this impressive connection with nature and untainted vision of rural Kerala with our personalized and high standards of service.

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